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 If you prefer, delightful, authentic Jamaican cuisine, breakfast and dinner may be prepared for you by Suzette. She will do your shopping, preparation, and handle all your cooking needs.  Our staff will serve you authentic prepared Jamaica cuisine on our back veranda as you gaze at the Caribbean Sea. 

If you rent the entire main house the fees for this service are included you just pay for the cost of  food.  $200 per person for daily breakfast & dinner per week.

If you are staying in a room or in a cottage (Not the entire house) you may also purchase meals from Suzette.

Below is a list of prices for the meals. One selection is chosen daily for breakfast and dinner. Meals are served country style.  Food is prepared and placed on the table and you serve yourself.  Generous portions are provided.  You will not go hungry with Suzette's cooking. 

Per Meal Prices 

Breakfast - Jamaica or American - $12 usd per person

includes:  coffee(authentic Jamaican High Mtn), juice, fresh fruit,

and main entree.  Jamaican is callaloo, ackee & sailfish. American choices (eggs, omelettes, French toast or Pancakes).


Vegetarian - $18 usd per person  

Chicken, pork, or beef - $18 usd per person

Fish - $20 usd per person

Lobster - $20 usd per person 


**Please reach out by email and let me know ahead of time if you are interested in having meals at the house.  You will pay Suzette directly in cash for your meals. 

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